Compost Concoction

comptea.jpgCompost tea is used to replace the fungicides and pesticides that are often used in gardens. We don’t want to use pesticides and fungicides to get rid of bugs and weeds for a few reasons, one, they often kill good plants and bugs as well as bad ones and also the chemicals used to in them are very harmful for the environment.

This is helpful to the garden and it will grow better as well. Compost tea increases plant growth by providing nutrients for the plants and the soil. It also has beneficial organisms. All of this means it decreases the number of diseases in the garden, and it replaces the toxic garden chemicals.

Using mature compost, an aquarium pump, a gang valve, a hose, molasses that is un-sulfured, and some water you can turn your brown “things” into a gorgeous garden that everyone is dying to see. You could have a prize winning garden! Wouldn’t that be nice to have beautiful plants? So try compost tea, you have nothing to lose; instead you gain your dream garden.

-Emily B.

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