Healthy Foods Initiative

greengraph.jpgIn the Fall, Forrest M. and I (Rochelle S.) were told by teachers Mr. Tanguay and Mrs. Hartkopf that they wondered if putting the Greenhouse’s mixed greens into the High School cafeteria would be . They needed students to do market surveys with all of the high school students. Forrest and I immediately got to work.

We made a survey with three questions- what did you think of the appearance of the mixed greens, did you enjoy the texture and taste and would you like to see more mixed greens on the salad bar?

After creating the survey, we made posters telling the students in the cafeteria that we we doing and where to give their responses. We had great participation as even the principal came by. It went very successfully as we collected lots of surveys and were able to gain a real idea of what the students thought about our greens. We really appreciated the high participation by the students.

Back at school we tabulated the results and began preparing with other students that are doing many different neat things to bring healthy greens into our school. put together a presentation on our findings for the public. Our group gave a talk about our work to some of the school board, the Superintendent, the Food Service Directors and a few of the staff. Here are the results of the survey:

Visual Appeal of Greenscutgreens.jpg

78% of students visually preferred mixed greens. ater holding characteristics

Some of the nutritional values of the mixed greens comes from the fact that we put a lot of spinach in the mix.

Hope for More Greens

74% of students preferred the taste of mixed greens.

Enjoyment of Texture & Taste of Greens

86% of students would like to have mixed greens added to salad bar.

Spinach has 21 more times the vitamin A then Iceberg and Romaine lettuce hold, the greens typically served at cafeterias. Also, the spinach has 5 times as much calcium to offer. Won’t you join us for lunch?

-Rochelle S. and Forrest M.

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