New Garden Projects and Traveling to Unity

Jon, Linda and I (Steve, the classroom teacher) presented at the 2nd Annual Local & Sustainable Foods Conference at the Unity Performing Arts Center this past weekend, our second outing in five days. The conference had dozens of sessions on everything from homesteading healthier food in schools and buying locally to keep your dollars in your community and the importance of preserving biodiversity with the Rodale Institute.

We had a great crowd for our talk in the Arts Center and were pleased to hear about how many schools and programs our own project has touched. Of course, the most fun is talking about our students and all the wonderful things they have accomplished. The reactions we get to the knowledge base our middle schoolers are building is quite remarkable. You tend to forget how special the kids work is when you are all so engaged in what you are doing.

“Mainer’s import 80% of their daily calories, much of it coming from industrial farms in China, California, and Mexico. Keeping food local gives us greater say in what we eat and how our food is produced, and it improves our food security”, says Bob St. Peter, Forest Farm.

We’d add that it gives us more economic freedom and better control of our health. It sure doesn’t hurt to cut down on those medical bills 🙂

Great beginner advice here for growing from seed .

Mr. T.

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