Heirloom Seeds & Class Visits

The students have started over 70 varieties of tomatoes, both heirloom and hybrid, for seed saving and cooking during the next fall season. The Garden Project works to supports Seed Savers Exchange and Medomak Valley High School in their efforts to locate and save open pollinated seed to help preserve our history and protect biodiversity. We are particularly interested in plants that have been grown locally over many generations and welcome any leads that may help us in preserving seeds grown locally.


Class visits to the greenhouse have started up again which is a good sign of spring.  This week, the fifth graders from Mrs. Cox’s science class at the Drinkwater School came to work with some of the Seventh grade soil experts yesterday.

The lesson was learning all about soils and what’s most important in keeping your soils healthy. Students studied soils and worm castings under the dissecting microscopes in the greenhouse.

drinkwater.jpg The students took a worm castings experiment back to their classroom where they will compare the growth of the sunflower seeds they planted both with and without the addition of worm castings (20 percent).

The seventh grade students really enjoyed working with their younger peers and are already planning for their next visit.

-Mr. T & T

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