Student Intern from Unity College: Hannah Brzycki

A travel through time…I am a Junior at Unity College majoring in Landscape Horticulture and interning at the Troy Howard Middle School (THMS). The first day I walked into the classroom I stepped back 10 years to when I was in my middle school in Virginia. How I wish I could have had the experiences that these students are having here in Belfast Maine. The willingness that they have to work with the vegetables and greens all year long is a thrill to experience. When I leave THMS to head back for my classes at Unity, I am filled with energy that was transferred to me from my day at the middle school. Their enthusiasm is contagious.

During this semester I have been helping Jon Thurston in the Green house and Steve Tanguay in the classroom. I have been mentoring students and helping them design final projects. I have observed that by mixing the “normal” classes such as English, social studies, math, and science with a real world experience like designing and managing a hoop house with no artificial heat through a Maine winter.

In my opinion, this approach to learning helps the students to remember the subjects they are taught. The 7th Grade north class uses hands-on-learning to make each lesson concrete and enduring. I am delighted to take part in such an extraordinary and effective approach to learning.

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