The Week of Snow

Even though we got over a foot of snow this last week, there are still plenty of things to do in the world of the THMS garden.  More seedlings can be started and harvesting greens can be done.

The question is most often asked is…. where can we put all of our seedlings?  With the help of teachers with large, sunny classroom windows we are able to start our seedlings inside the school and are not limited to the greenhouses.

Harvesting greens is tough when the weather is cooler and cloudy but our production is still strong and the greens are still delicious.

The once thawing soil is now back to being frozen and Earth Day is only 2 weeks away. The question on all of our minds is if we will be able to get the vegetables in the ground by that day. We’ll keep you updated during the upcoming weeks.

Hannah Brzycki– Unity College

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