To bean or not to bean?

beanpict.jpgMaybe a silly question, but what a great way to learn about seeds. Beans are full of energy and life, so what a great way to learn about seed structure and germination. The 7th North “Bean Team” uses the simple bean to create a lesson for the 6th graders at our school.

The Bean Team covers basic bean history by covering Maine Bean Logging History “Bean Whole Beans” to the structure and the germination of a bean and it’s anatomy.

The 6th graders couldn’t wait to get started on the dissection. After soaking the beans the 7th graders led the students through the dissection of the beans: taking off the seed coat, splitting the bean in half, examining the bean insides.

Next on the agenda is to look to look at the germination progress of beans and to create a bean necklace. This was the most exciting part for the students. The 7th grade Bean Team led the 6th graders through the process of creating a bean necklace that the students wear around their necks to watch the bean seed germinate. The students document the process of the bean germination, drawing pictures and writing comments.

The class is excited about the bean germination and being able to watch their seed grow as they care for it so the 7th graders have done their job.

The 7th grade garden students put together many presentations for other students because they are most likely to listen to someone closer to their own age. It seems to be a great way to get the 6th graders excited about the 7th grade as well as the garden project.

Good job to all of the students on the Bean Team, you were great role models for the younger students.

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