The Onions and Chicks are In !

Brrrrr. It was 33 F at my home in Searsmont this morning. We figured this was not a good year to experiment with early crops at THMS.  Any beans or corn planted this week would have rotted in the cold, wet weather.

flower.jpgOn a lighter note, we planted six varieites of onions and eight varieties of potatoes this week. The rain soaked them in nicely and we look forward to a late summer harvest! Some early greens, broccoli, peas and cabbage have been planted for the summer cooking program. We are still tryuing to imagine continuous warm weather!

chicken.jpgThe baby chicks are in which are part of our economics lesson on egg production.  Of course,  they sure do make us happy as well!


One Response to “The Onions and Chicks are In !”

  1. Hannah Says:

    Hey everyone, I can’t believe how fast the time is going by. I saw the pictures of the little chicks. I wish I was there. How is everyone’s projects coming along. When is the educational fair… Is it this week?

    I have been working long shifts in the Ice cream shop and really miss getting my hands dirty in the garden. Talk to you soon. Peaceful Moments, Hannah

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