Green Team is Crunching the Numbers

math teacherGreen Team math students have been using shovels, rakes, and MATH in the garden. The first week of bootcamp was helpful in preparing our students for the challenges and opportunities in the upcoming school year.

Those skills have been put to the test at the our farm-stand as students weigh vegetables, figure costs, keep the books, calculate prices, and make change (all without calculators).

PumpkinJust yesterday, with only a tape measure, Green Team members estimated our largest pumpkin’s weight at 107 pounds. How did they do it? They measured the circumference, distance over the top, and distance across the widest portion of the pumpkin. After, they found the sum of the measures, they accessed the approximate weight on a chart published on the web.

workingwhole.jpgGreen team students were also responsible for adding the correct dispersion rate of limestone to add to the soil in the raised beds in the greenhouse, making a more balanced, rich soil for our greens throughout the winter. The students are responsible for all of the ratio and convertion rates as the plant needs require. Stay tuned for more garden math news.

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