THMS Harvest Reaps Ribbons (from the Soup)

BELFAST (Oct 1): Produce from the Troy Howard Middle School Garden Project sprouted 24 blue ribbons and 36 red ones Sept 21-23 in the Exhibition Hall at the Common Ground Country Fair in Unity.

THMS students, from left, Austin Tripp, Bridgett Littlefield and Katrina Lapham check out all the ribbons from the CGCF.

Planning for school’s entries at Common Ground began in January, with youth mapping and designing the spring school gardens, taste-testing varieties and ordering or saving seeds.

Each ribbon will be turned in for seed money with the following businesses: FEDCO, Johnny’s and Pine Tree Garden.

The THMS Garden Project was recently honored as the 2007 National School Garden Program. It also has been featured on WLBZ-TV (Channel 2) and New England Cable News for its successful approach to healthy living through an experiential- and place-based learning environment where all students can thrive.

26 Responses to “THMS Harvest Reaps Ribbons (from the Soup)”

  1. Katrina L. Says:

    I can’t believe we won that many ribbons! Well I guess its no that surprising… we do have the best gardeners! I hope next year has the same success.

  2. Megan V. Says:

    Hey Guys!
    Yeah, THMS definitely is the best when it comes to gardening! I can’t believe we won all those ribbons either! THMS is the best. End of conversation!
    P.S. I miss you all a whole bunch!

  3. Evan Stevens of Boothbay Region Middle school in Boothbay, Harbor Maine Says:

    My friend Owen Sterrs, that I used to go to school with, moved to THMS this year and he told me how many ribbons THMS won. I know that Owen Sterrs loves the THMS garden project.

  4. Andrea Says:

    Nice to hear from you Megan., How have you been? we miss you a lot too. Have a great day!

  5. Eve Norberg Says:

    MEGAN!!!! We were looking at our blog in S.S. and saw your comment. We all miss you all so much:(… I hope to hear from you soon I can’t believe you left. what’s your new school called?
    I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!

  6. Zach Says:

    Wowzers we won a lot of ribbons!!!!!!
    Come to our green thumb club on Tuesdays and Thursdays, starts at the end of school and ends at 3:15. Come and help make french fries and other fun things while learning math and science without the pain..

  7. andrea Says:

    I hope the garden the garden stand and the garden works like it did this year.

  8. Grant Richards Says:

    OMG!!!! The THMS Garden Team is the coolest!!! Megan we saw your blog entry on our garden project website!!!!! G2G!!!! We miss you too.

  9. Olivia Carpentier Says:

    Hey Megan!!
    Everyone was excited to read your comment. We all miss you, the garden is going good, I suppose. Even though theres rotten pumpkins everywhere1 Its freezin here!
    hope to see you Soon!,
    Olivia C.

    P.s. Write Backk!


  10. Bridget Says:

    Hey Megan!
    I hope your having fun at your new school, we all miss you! It was sooo exciting to get your blog.


  11. Dakota Gardiner Says:

    Hey Megan this is Dakota THMS is the BEST school ever except the Nickerson school don’t you think! the Gardens pretty much dead but thats ok. We will have to plant more seeds next year. Whats the name of your new school? Does your school have a garden? i hope we can go to the Mall again sometime talk to you latter.

  12. Jonathan Says:

    Hello everyone!
    Do you no whats really fun? Smashing rotten tomatoes into buckets. Well Kyle and I did. But we were not really hurting them, they were already dead, the evil frost killed them. That’s how we save our seeds.

  13. Kyle Says:

    Tried to send a different message, but Mr. Tanguay wouldn’t publish it. Miss u in math. I have a job with the potatoes, and our pizza shop we are making is coming along smoothly. U would have been in our group if u hadn’t left.

    P.S. Everyone misses u.

  14. Logan Blood Says:

    Hello Meggy!! I can’t wait until you come up Thanksgiving weekend. Everyone was exited to hear from you. I can’t wait to see you. P.S I was sick when you left my house, sorry if you are sick too

  15. Owen Sterrs of THMS and Bothbay Region Middle School Says:

    I am so lucky to have moved to such a great school as THMS. I love the garden project and that is one of the reasons I chose to go to THMS. I had many other choices of schools to go to. I had a great time at the CGF (Common Ground Fair) and it is awesome that we won so many ribbons, though it was not surprising. Also, Megan, I know what it’s like to move. It was good to see your blog entry on the THMS garden blog. Everyone here misses you, especially Mr. Bari.
    Owen Sterrs

  16. Katrina L. Says:

    I am having great fun in the garden shucking beans, cutting vegetables, and making smelly paper. I think that THMS is one of the best schools ever because they are getting kids envolved in the community and letting them have fun while they do it. I love THMS and MEGAN! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*
    My job is the Editor of the weekly worm and I can’t wait to start!
    Katrina Lapham
    P.S. I love you Megan!!!!!!! Keep writing.

  17. Maria Swebilius Says:

    Hi Megan,
    I wish you were here to see the new bunny!!! I know I said its name was ho-ha but its real name is “who-ha” (I still don’t know how to spell it). Ebony really misses you too:>( You need to come up here again so you can see “who-ha” and so I can see you. How are you liking your new school? Do they have bunnies there? I was at the swim meet too, just like Geneva!! I agree with geneva that we lost big time at the meet:>( Also we really miss you in our pizza group and we are always a really small group without you and I really wish you were here to be in it with us and go through the business with us!! We really miss you:>( Write back soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Geneva Bielenberg Says:

    Yo Megan!!
    We wish you were here to see the bunny’s Ebony and Who-Ha and guess what els happened we had a swim meet against Long Reach Swim Club and we lost BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :<( The Camden team was also there and they weren’t that bad but Long Reach still won that meet! But we will have other chances to win! In fact we have a meet tomorrow (Saturday) against the Freeport team and we will most likely lose again!
    But the garden team is falling apart without you here and also Language Arts class is more boring without you there. Plus without you here in our pizza group we have to deal with Kyle and he’s a real pain when it comes to choosing jobs. And when it comes to picking a place to have our pizza business he wanted it in the airport! Now how strange is that!
    I miss you very much here

  19. Grant Richards Says:

    MEGGIE!!!!! WE MISS U SO MUCH!!!!!!!
    Hope u like your new school!!!!!! We got chickens and another rabbit!!!!! The rabbit, ye-haa, has black polka-dots on it!!!! In math class there was a sub and we got to sit anywhere!!!!!!!



  20. Olivia Carpentier Says:

    Hey Everyone!
    I hope winter gets over soon! The garden is fun when it’s fall or spring so hurry… I love the new bunnie idk what it’s name is though.. lol! Well that’s all for now!!


  21. Eve Norberg Says:

    Megan I’m going to call you tonight! Guess what, I’m getting a puppy!!!!! When you left our science table got all changed around. Now at our table we have Geneva, me, John Henry and Kyle. I wish you were here, are you going to come and visit soon? See you soon (I hope)
    ❤ Eve

  22. Jamo Frakes Says:

    yesterday I cut swiss chard into bunches of 20 for mister Thurston then we put the bunches into a big box.

  23. Damion.B Says:

    Hi guys. We are digging a hole for the beans during Green Thumb Club. You guys are missing a lot because we cooked a whole bunch of different kinds of popcorn that we had grown. We tested each variety to figure out which type had the better yield. Ask Zach.W he loved eating most of the popcorn.

  24. Grant Richards Says:

    We squashed a pumkin! It was so gross! Olive, Eve, and I got on big black boots that went up to our knees! It smelled bad 😦
    Then we made it into paper using a big bucket and screens! C’ Ya Ltr!!



  25. Eve Norberg Says:

    For my job in the garden I got Flower arranging/design. At the begining of the year Olivia and I arranged the flowers for the Common Ground Fair. It has been a great couple of months at the THMS Garden Co.

  26. Jon Thurston Says:

    Hi Megan, You are truly missed as evidenced by all the responses from your friends. Your teachers miss you too!!! I hope all is well at your new school and you can convince them to start a garden in the spring. Have a great winter.

    Mr. Thurston

    PS. Say hi to Joey and Ann

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