And the Winner Is ……


Mrs. Davis and her new friend, Big Mac at 132 Lbs.. Being the closest to picking the correct weight made her the lucky winner of our Big Mac pumpkin.

100_0394.jpgHere’s Big Mac in her back yard with his face all lit up sitting up bright in his wheelbarrow.


Apparently his pulp was donated to a nice home-brewed pot of soup and a few warm pies.

Now that’s a happy pumpkin.

19 Responses to “And the Winner Is ……”

  1. Hannah Says:

    Uh, Hi Megan! How is New Hampshire? I’ve been there before because my grandparents live in Vermont so I go through there sometimes.
    We all miss you.

  2. Kaylee Pickering Says:

    I am enjoying 7th grade it is fun. I like having a pizza group. My job is Director of seed marketing. 🙂

  3. sarah miner Says:

    Hi Megan. How do you like your new house and school? Have you made any friends? I am trying out for basketball. But i am not going to find out till Friday night who is going to be on the team. so i cant wait to go to tryouts tonight so i can see. A ton of people miss you a lot in are class, I do. Are you ever going to come back and visit us because that would be awesome!!! I have to go and do more boring social studies work. See ya Megan. YUP!!!!!

    Sarah miner.

  4. Kaylee Pickering Says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 I am happy this year. I am doing Green Thumb Club. At the last meeting we ate home grown popcorn.

  5. Albert Says:

    Hi Megan hows your new home? Did you make any new friends at your new school?
    I like 7 grade and am now working in the seed division

  6. Mason Hurd Says:

    My job is to take care of the mechanical work. It is funny because I am the only one to do the mechanical work. I’m enjoying grade 7.

  7. Kasidee York Says:

    Hey Megan if your out there, I just wanted to say high. THMS definitly isn’t the same with out you. Things have been kind of falling apart, but I’m hanging in there. Hey leave your address and phone number please, because I’m driving through your way in a week, and if I’m near you I can get good cell phone reception. Please write back, it’s Friday November 16, 2007. We miss you !!!!
    Luv Kas!

  8. Aaron Tripp Says:

    My job is the Trail master and I help clean the trails and make bridges, and will help fix the dock . So far I have helped with harvesting the food into the green house, also I have been picking Tomatoes, Cucumbers, and corn. I have enjoyed working in our Garden project at Troy Howard Middle School.

  9. Allie N. Says:

    I am so happy to be part of the garden project! It is so fun! The bunnies are so cute. We just got the other bunny. His name is Hoo-Haw, and he has quite the sweet tooth.
    I’m figuring out a system on how to add up total sales! Apparently I get to go to the CO OP to meat the produce manager there. FUN! FUN! FUN!

  10. Mason Hurd Says:

    My job is to take care of the mechanical work. It is funny because I am the only one to do the mechanical work. I’m enjoying grade 7. This year will be the best year. I hope.

  11. Kasidee York Says:

    Hey Megan it’s me again. Guess what? In the 6th grade concert last night Anna McGraggor, Julia, jenn, and I got to do a huge solo.
    talk to you later. LUV, Kas!!!!!!!!!!

  12. lexie Achorn Says:

    hello to the people in the garden project every one has been working hard on the garden to make it stay alive and you all are doing a great job keep up the good work 7/green and thanks for the help 6/7 red

    -Lexie Achorn

  13. Molly B. Samuels Says:

    I love being in 7th grade here at THMS because any other middle school probably wouldn’t have a garden! My job in the garden is the photographer and I love it! I love being able to be outside during the school days, its allot of fun!
    GARDEN TEAM RULES<33 hahha I love the garden ;-D

  14. Molly B. Samuels Says:

    I miss you a whole bunch 😀

  15. Natishia larrabee Says:

    Recently in the THMS garden, I have been spreading leaves and dirt on the garlic crops. I have also been making paper in a group. The pizza groups are alot of fun we get to experiance what it is like to own our own business and make real decisons. It is alot of fun to be in control and doing your own thing at your own pace.

  16. Rachel Kunesh Says:

    Hi my name rachel kunesh. Ive been helping MR.T. It’s been more fun out in the garden because in class we were always stuck inside. I think ts good to get some air. While we help we get to go in the green house and see all the fish and rabbits and the chickens. Ive been doing more than I ever did before and I am really enjoying school.

  17. SARAH MINER Says:

    I like 7th grade a lot because i love working in the garden it so fun.
    SEE YA!

  18. Molly B. Samuels Says:

    I think if all schools had a garden to work in, then kids would look forward to coming to school every day instead of being all cranky and wanting to leave before they even get there. That used to be me but I think the Garden has helped a lot!

    -Molly B. =P

  19. Kasidee York Says:

    I love working in the school garden, I am in charge of the garden design and will be working on mapping out the gardens soon. Let me know if you would like to help.

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