And it keeps growing!

lunchlettuce1.jpgNow that the outdoor garden has been put to bed the students are focusing on the heated greenhouse and the four season unheated greenhouse. There are still wonderful living plants in the garden! The garlic is safe under its mulch and the parsnips are awaiting spring to give back the sweet taste of last summer.

The list of plants now growing in the greenhouse are numerous. The greens include spinach, tatsoi, arugula, mustards, mizuna, lettuce, swiss chard and beet greens. Tomato plants are waiting to be planted so fresh cherry tomatoes will be available in the spring. Flowers are carefully being placed in and around the veggies.

Students have planted morning glories, various varieties of marigolds and cosmos. Hanging petunias are being put up from saved seeds from one of our favorite petunia plant. It was a hybrid so we plan on having some interesting plants!

coop.jpgMuch of the produce is being sold at the Belfast Coop. Ali, our produce manager, tracks sales and does quality control for everything that leaves the greenhouse for consumption. Students check with the TAHMS cafeteria on a daily basis, supplying much of the greens for the salad bar and onions for the kitchen. Swiss chard and other goods are brought to the soup kitchen on our nearly weekly runs.

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