THMS School Garden Project Displays at Belfast Coop

The Troy Howard Middle School Green Thumb Club has just put the finishing touches on a new School Garden wall display at the local cafe in the Belfast, Coop. They worked to transform the space into a bright and exciting space that gives some glimpses into their learning program in the THMS School Garden Project. Pictures, Seed Flags, Homemade garden paper, a Rag Bowl, fresh flowers and live wheat center pieces are all part of the display.

wallThe School Garden Project encompasses an outdoor learning experience by providing a school-wide garden and greenhouse project offering fantastic experiential learning opportunities along with great eating opportunities.

john John gives two thumbs up on the Common Ground Ribbon’s board he hung on the wall while one of our Super Mom volunteers, Darcie secures the worm farm story board designed and built by students in the Garden Project. Another job well done!!

One Response to “THMS School Garden Project Displays at Belfast Coop”

  1. Kaylee Pickering Says:

    The little bunny is continuing to grow to be big and strong. He will soon be able to be away from his mother. The other bunnies are also doing great.:)

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