Worms Like it Hot

Introduction video describing vermicomposting Ontario Science Centre in Toronto, Canada

Building a compost bin for your yard or school click here: School Garden Compost Video

Visit Tom Seymor’s Living Green article “Compost Happens” for some great tips on kitchen composting to help lesson your garbage mass and enlivening your potting soil. For those of you who are trying to live more sustainably while controlling composting odors (indicating lack of air), you may consider substituting peat moss for shredded paper, cutting up your food scraps and/or adding red wiggler worms to your compost bin.

Like any natural resource, sphagnum moss or peat moss is not a sustainable product and costs more than the time it takes to shred your old Bangor Daily (plus you get to exercise your hand muscles while taking one last glance at the funny papers). Full disclosure: I do admit to using many cubic feet of peat moss in our outhouses at camp for odor control.

We are really excited about our new under ground worm farm in the new hoop house. It has allowed us to manage all of our cafeteria waste with worms and a little TLC 🙂

3 Responses to “Worms Like it Hot”

  1. Lindsay MacMillan Says:

    Steve and Jon-Your website and project are absolutely great and an inspiration!
    Congrats on all that you have done. I am writing to request a brochure as
    well as ask you for any advice you may have about starting a school garden
    & compost system. I have a good amount of info from different sources
    (books, internet), have contacted the local cooperative extension and am
    now looking to get in touch with folks that may be able to donate items or
    money. I was just wondering if you had any words of wisdom since you have
    done this before? I’d appreciate any advice. Thanks!

  2. Martha Murphy Says:

    Hi to all the gardeners and support staff,

    I saw all the info about your activities at the Belfast Coop today (bulletin board). A superb idea and congratulations to everyone involved! Knowing how to create food is an idea whose time has come – I read the other day that the 2,000 mile Caesar salad will become a thing of the past before long.

    thanks to all – do you offer tours to the public?

    Martha Murphy, newcomer to Belfast

  3. Michael Says:

    There is a little known composting demonstration garden that Metro set up years ago in Tigard, Oregon at Mary Woodward Elementary School that is still being maintained. There are three acres of gardens which are spectacular that include rainbarrels, rain garden, drip irrigation, sixteen raised beds, two green houses and a wetland boardwalk to name a few as well as about twenty compost demonstration stations.

    It is the finest school garden in Oregon.

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