“I Left My Homework, in San Francisco”

Hello Seven Green Students,

Sending you a note to let you know that I had a fun trip to the west coast, passing over snow covered mountains and posing with some of the presidential candidates.

I’m getting ready for the Bioneers conference and hope to share all of the great things we do in the Garden Project. If you have any ideas for me to share or just want to

Presidential candidates meet in airport

say hello, reply to this post below (I.m sure Mr. Horton will give you a few minutes).

I know your working hard for your teachers and are going to do an awesome job on your pizza reports. Remember Pizza Day is next Tuesday and we need parent volunteers to help in the afternoon. You’ll want to have the reports done before then, no excuses. Wish you could all be here to listen to the sea lions.

Keep up the good work,


Mr. T.

The sea lions are barking up up a storm at Pier 39 as the Navy Ship approaches harbor.