Noah Ready to Canoe 740 miles of Forest Trail

noah1Working on a residency at the College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor sounds like it’s time to put on the white lab coat and begin taking notes, but not so for student Noah Kleiner. Noah has designed a project that affords him the opportunity to canoe 740 miles on the northern forest canoe trail, from Old Forge New York to Fort Kent Maine while blogging with Maine students.

noah2His Traveling Blog is designed to exchange information with students that have questions about his water travels. Noah will be traveling in a strip red cedar canoe that he built in preparation for this trip.

noah3Students at our school are looking forward to talking to Noah as he travels the waterways of New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine and are planning to map his route the best they can. We appreciate the power experiential education has in reaching young people and are excited to share Noah’s adventures through digital communication.

noah8Noah was in my advisory group at Medomak Valley High School for four years. I have canoed with Noah in pursuit of stripers but this trip is going to be a real adventure. We wish him luck . Steve and I only wish we could make the trip with him.


2 Responses to “Noah Ready to Canoe 740 miles of Forest Trail”

  1. Argy Says:

    Having been a middle school teacher for 30 years I am thrilled that the students at Troy Howard Middle School will follow his travels. What a great opportunity! I know he greatly enjoyed having you, Jon, for an adviser at Medomak Valley so it means a lot to him to connect with you and your students at this point in his life. Perhaps you can take a weekend and join him on the water or make a food drop along the way! We’re really looking forward to hearing of his adventures! – Argy (Noah’s Mom)

  2. June Says:

    As Noah’s neighbor, it is really exciting to follow his adventures in northern Maine. The challenges he will face will be interesting to watch, and his willingness to share the “ups” and “downs” with students in this area shows much about his character. I look forward to reading his blogs – I am sure they will be enlightening and entertaining as well.

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