Great Time to Fill in Your Seed Order

Gourd Stamp

Gourd Stamp

There’s still plenty of time to buy seeds for your own garden. If you live in a climate like we have here in Maine, a great place to look for high quality seeds is at the School Garden Project’s seed site. The school only carries local heirloom and standard varieties that are best suited for the cooler climate of Maine. Just print out an order form or send an e-mail and the students will fill your order the week it arrives



Seeds are also for sale at Mr. Paperback, EBS, Belfast Coop, Wildflower, the Middle School and the Aarhus Gallery. Seedlings of heirloom tomatoes, onions and herbs are also available at the THMS greenhouse by early May.

kentuckywaxApril vacation is when we put our peas in the garden and some of the best are the Early Frosties, which are also available through the school’s seed program.

We owe a great thanks to the hundreds of supporters/ volunteers that have helped over the years. The School Garden Project would not exist without you


Recent garden news: The THMS Garden Project is featured in Downeast Magazine which documents a year in a school garden.

The SAD34 Garden Project was recently used as an example for President’s Obama’s Service Learning Initiative in the magazine “Generator”. Please read about it here ReadMe

One Response to “Great Time to Fill in Your Seed Order”

  1. gardenproject Says:

    Dear Steve and Jon,

    Thank you for an incredible visit. Vicky and I had the best time! We are amazed by what you are doing, and full of new ideas and insights. Thank you so much for spending so much of your time with us, showing us around and talking. The greenhouse is breathtaking- what a haven. The kids are clearly excited about their work in the garden, and the greens were delicious! We each got some at the co-op.

    I have pasted below our first garden newsletter, hot off the presses…I will keep in touch.

    Thank you,

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