Morning Glory

Name: Morning Glories

Scientific name: Ipomoea purpurea

Where is comes from: First originated in China

How to care for it:
Fairly versatile and can grow in any type of soil.

Found in waste ground, roadsides, railroads.

They like the sun and are easy to grow.

Freeze the seeds before you plant them.

They are attractive to birds especially humming birds.

Morning glories need a fence or a tree for their vines to climb.

Wait until most of the suspicions of frost are gone to plant them.

In China it was used for medicinal uses because of its laxative property of its seeds.

If you Soak it in water for a couple of weeks you can make wine.

Interesting Facts:
-They can grow up to 20 feet tall.

-Morning Glories can be toxic if you eat them.

-September’s birth flower.

-leaves are heart shaped

-Prone to rust, fungal leaf spots, stem rot and wilt.

-Can easily become a test in the garden.

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