There are 20 different spiecies of zinnias they grow 6″ to 3′ there is a veriety of very bold beautiful colors. they are rounded flowers as you can see in the picture there are also dwarf verieties. the state flower of india is the zinnia. the sybole of the zinnia is lasting love, goodness, and thoughts of abstnt friend. the meaning of the zinnia depends on it’s color. zinnia is a small flower found in the america south west. this flower lives for only a year. Mrs j c darnell clames that her zinnias grow 8 feet tall.

The name for this flower is: Zinnia

The scientific name- Zinnia

Zinnia’s like the warm weather and they are easy to grow.

The Zinnia Elegn’s are originated in Mexico.

They bloom from mid summer to frost.

First you plant them from seeds and then water right after you plant them best time to water is in the morning

When they are partly grown mulch them to keep in the water.

The zinnia came from Mexico. People have been planting them since 1520. They were named after a Johann Goffried Zinn.

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