Flowering Tobacco

Nicotiana alata
Flowering Tobacco is an annual that enjoys sun to partial shade.
It can grow up to 36-48 in.
the spacing of the flower is 15-18 in.
its blooming times are Mid Summer, Late Summer, /Early Fall.
Its dangers are that if any and all parts that are ingested will harm you
Blooms repeatedly and its blooming color is White.
Other details:
 Average Water Needs; Water regularly; do not overwater
Propagation Methods:
 By dividing rhizomes, tubers, corms or bulbs (including offsets)
 From herbaceous stem cuttings
 From seed; sow indoors before last frost
 From seed; direct sow after last frost
Seed Collecting:
 Allow pods to dry on plant; break open to collect seeds
 Properly cleaned, seed can be successfully stored
Nicotiana’s lovely tubular blooms attract hummingbirds with their colors and gardeners with their evening fragrance.

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