Family-  Tropaeolaceae

Species- Majus
Also called Indian Cress, Mexican Cress, Peru Cress and Jesuit’s Cress.

Grows a lot in Bolivia and Peru.
Nasturtiums name comes form the Latin word meaning ‘’‘Trophy’’ or ’’ sing of victory’’

Plant was first discovered in in in the sixteenth century  Peru and Mexico.

Rabbits hate Nasturtiums and keep away from them.
Nasturtiums are put in some salads.
To some people they are spicy.

Growing info
In one pack of seeds that about 25 seeds.
Space out 8-12 inches apart.
If you are in the freezing temperatures plant in after the frost.
If you live in the mild southern climates you can plant them in the fall.
needs a lot of water.
If you have too rich of soil then you will have move leaves then flowers.
They grow 6-12 inches tall.

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