The Bee’s Knees

Thanks to Christy Hemenway and Goldstar Honeybees we now have a top bar bee hive in the garden.  Christy has placed it here for demonstration and it has been successful up to this point.  The most recent update from Christy was that our bees had a good chance of surviving the winter.  The kids love to drop down the hatch in back for viewing the bees in the hive.

Check out Gold Star Honeybees website

Check out more info on top bar hives

Seventh graders pose with top bar hive

Grace Slams Geobee!

Grace and friends display medal in Social Studies class

Grace Bagley, Ecology student extraordinaire, won the school wide Geobee today.  Her amazing win allows her to continue in the competition beyond the middle school.  We are all very proud of her accomplishment.

Donated plug trays make real difference in greens production

Jennifer Pierce of Waldo donated tons of plug trays and flats from her old business for use at the school greenhouse.  We use the trays to start all the greens grown in the raised beds.  This has been found to be a very efficient use of space and seeds.  The beds of greens are extremely neat compared to direct seeding.  Below Martina displays a tray of spinach grown for transplanting.

Price insulation blows in fiberglass in Kitchen ceiling

Thanks to our stellar math teacher and his connections with Price Insulation Co. we were able to have fiberglass blown into the ceiling of the outdoor kitchen to an R value of over 40.   Glen’s wife’s cousin, Travis, was an excellent teacher showing us how the equipment works and discussing the benefits of fiberglass over cellulose.  We are now putting up the space age vapor barrier (moisture goes out but not in) and will begin the process of boarding the ceiling by week’s end.

Dakota and Stuart look on as Travis fills the cavities

R. H. Price trailer used for blowing in insulation

Master gardeners get shredding!

Master gardeners Sally Demeter and Amy Campbell brought a leaf shredder to school on their regular work day and proceeded to shred part of our massive pile of leaves dropped off by the good people of the Belfast maintenance crew.  The shredded leaves will be used for mulch and composting food scraps in the large bins.  We are always grateful for the added carbon to garden and compost!

Outdoor kitchen gets indoor facelift

Thanks to Chase Mcintyre’s father Gary’s excellent carpentry skills the 8th graders were able to make great progress on the outdoor kitchen during the 7th grade Schoodic trip.  Gary spent the week donating his skills and tools to help finish the interior of the kitchen.  Robbins Lumber donated some beautiful lumber (thanks to the connections our stellar social studies teacher , Jeff, has with young Jimmy) including clear tongue and groove pine and trim boards.  We are grateful to Gary and Robbins Lumber for their generous help.