Life inside our winter greenhouse

The snow is piled high outside our heated greenhouse but it is spring inside (on some days, summer).  The thermostat is set at 46 F inside our greenhouse for obvious reasons (hint: it is heated by oil).  We discussed this several years ago and decided to steer a course towards greens which tolerate a cool greenhouse.  These include our main crop of chard (which is sold to the school kitchen, Belfast Co-op and drop-ins).  We also grow mixed greens:  arugula, mispoona, tatsoi, various mustard greens, kale, lettuce, spinach and much more.  On sunny days the temperature rises into the 90s even though it is 15 F outside (the fans will be operational again toward the end of March.  They are now sealed off and covered with plastic to keep out cold drafts).  This allows the kids to open the door and allow for some much-needed air exchange.  As they walk in I say “welcome to Florida”.  We are looking into a new thermostat for our backup heater so we can experiment with dropping the temperature lower than 45 F.

Think Spring-PLEASE

As another weekly storm drops a foot or more of snow on the garden and greenhouses we are starting our “Think Spring” campaign.  We already know the groundhog has been good to us so we thought a little positive thinking would be nice also.  Enjoy the pictures of what is to come!