Travis digs up giant rosemary plant

Travis with awesome rosemary plant

Each year the kids take rosemary cuttings to grow plants for sale.  Extra plants are planted in the summer garden, allowed to grow, and taken out as large plants for sale.  Some just keep hanging around the greenhouse and garden as this plant displayed by Travis.  We had to use a dolly to get it out of the garden.  What a prize!

Artichoke study underway

Artichoke prepared for overwintering

Yesterday a group of dedicated middle school gardeners transplanted seven first year artichoke plants into our hoop house.  We had great success with artichokes this year harvesting over fifty California size artichokes from ten plants.  The summer taste testers gave them all the thumbs up.  Since artichokes are perennials and not hardy in Maine we are hoping the hoop house will provide the climate for overwintering.  Temperatures will be recorded this winter and detailed records will be kept.  Check the blog for updates.

Record worm casting harvest

Last week we began digging out the worm castings in the hoop house and sifting them through one half inch hardware cloth.  As several kids used a hoe to help the castings through the screen other students collected worms from the screen and returned them to a bucket for later use.  In the end we collected two full trashcans of castings!  These will be used in the greenhouse as fertilizer in our soil mix.  The worms were returned to the bin in the hoop house along with any large pieces of uneaten organic matter and the process was started for this school year’s food scraps from the cafeteria.

Students use screen to sift worm castings