Swiss Commas- I mean Chard. (EDITED BY RICK WYMAN, THOROUGHLY)

     So, back to the obligatory blog. Today (January 25th For the illiterate masses) we decided to write about the swiss chard, (no, Breann and Mr. Thurston aren’t the stars of this, contrary to the picture) which is still growing back from our last harvest, which was sold to the local Co-op as usual, sadly I was not involved and neither was my critic who is sitting right next to me at the present (“YOU NEED MORE COMMAS!”).   That aside, our class hasn’t been doing much in the garden, regretfully.  Even worse than that, most of the class is focusing on the “arts”, be it visual or otherwise.   As for today, most people are doing a bit of carpentry , or cleaning the rabbit cages.   The latter which I’m happily not involved in.   Sadly, my editor wasn’t involved either, so I’m stuck with him. Mr. Wyman says I am hilarious, which I am. (Rick claims himself to be a stalker by the way, and tries his hardest to act funny, please laugh at him.)

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