Crazy Cows

There were so many cows at the Common Ground Fair. There were adults, babies,and milking cows. There was this little cow that looked like it could fit in a box and it looked like it was fluffy. You’re not suppose to touch the cows because your fingers look like carrots. There was a few cows that were so huge they looked liked a boulder. There were even cows that were brown. If you like cows you should check out the animal section at the Common ground fair.

The Experience At The Common Ground Fair

On Sep 21, our class went to the Common Ground Fair. One of the most interesting demonstrations I saw was the blacksmith.

The experience of watching a blacksmith at work was astonishing. How he can bend the metal to form what he is creating?. The blacksmith made a hook for a little kid around ten years old. Watching him make it was great because the machine that was there was so the air would go under the fire to make it keep going, so you don’t have to keep lighting it every time it went out.

Another interesting demonstration was the energy-efficient cars. It had an electric pump with a solar panel to charge it so you don’t have to keep plugging the car in.The car also had a gas tank just in case you run out of power.The only down side of the car is that it costs a lot of money that most people do not have.

The experience of the fair is great for the young mind to teach them to compost their food also to teach them to be more efficient.

Delicious Foods by Tyler N.

On Friday September 21 I went to the common ground fair. There was so many things to see. My favorite part was the food. I had fries, fried dough, and ice cream. The fries were made from Maine grown potato. The fries were greasy but they were good when you put ketchup on them. The fried dough good but greasy and hot. They had real maple syrup to put on the dough. I also had ice cream. The ice cream was made from all natural dairy products. The type of ice cream I had was wild Maine blueberry. The blueberries were grown in Maine. They had all kinds of foods and drinks. The common ground fair has some good foods.

The Amazing Sheep Dogs


Here at the Troy A. Howard Middle school we don’t have sheep or dogs. All we have are Chickens and Bait fish. I leaned from the Common Ground Fair that you need to be patient with the sheep dogs because some of the dogs might be still learning how to herd or to be a good dog too! When you try to teach them stuff don’t yell at them, just keep trying it with them and have treats ready. Then if then do it right give them a treat. When teaching the dog keep the better taught dog out and they will show them how to do it.

Bunnies,Birds And Ribbons….. Oh My!

Finally we were on the bus. We had been waiting to leave for what felt like forever.

You see my school (Troy Howard Middle School) has an Ecology academy(meaning

our focus is the school garden). We were going to the Common Ground Fair as an

academy to enter some of our vegetables for ribbons. I had been to the Common Ground Fair before with my dad in 2011.The drive seemed long enough then of

course we got stuck in traffic. A huge line of cars that seemed to go on for a million

miles. I was excited every time we moved forward just a little. We were in traffic for about 25 minutes. That’s when I saw the sign . The sign said The Common Ground

Fair. The sign made me even more anxious to be there. We pulled up into the parking lot (along with about 200 other buses) and finally found a parking spot and parked.

We then all got out of the bus and formed into our groups. My group was Mrs. Smiths’

group. We then set of into the fair. When we entered the entry to the fair the first thing I

saw was a ton of little shops. Mrs.Smith said “We will shop later first let’s go see the

animals”. So we walked on. We then saw a big fenced in area with two men and five

sheep dogs (border collies) inside. My group decided that this looked interesting.We watched one man instruct the dogs to do tricks like catch a frisbee in their mouth and

herd sheep and ducks into pens. The dogs were so well-behaved. When the man called a command the dog was right there following orders.After visiting the sheep dogs we went to the poultry barn. I was in there for two seconds and my ears were bleeding.

The birds were so LOUD. The roosters were the loudest but the geese were a very

close second. Although it was very loud I did fall in love with some baby quails. Their

little chirps and peeps were so adorable. After leaving the loud I mean poultry barn

we went to the bunny barn. I was in fluffy heaven. I walked down the aisles of bunnies.

I loved a fluffy fat brown bunny. I named him Chubby. I stared at Chubby for a long while. He was just so fat. What did they put in that rabbit’s food? Mrs.Smith told us

it was then time to go. I looked at fat little Chubby. I petted him on the head and said goodbye. When we were exiting the building I noticed a woman selling hats made from alpaca and black and white hat caught my eye . Instead of buying it I just walked on. My tummy growled I was hungry. I told my group and they all agreed they were hungry too.

So we walked down to a long strip of food stands . One of my friends and I decided to get some french fries to share and oh my gosh they were so yummy. We added some sea salt to them and they tasted even better. Me and my group also got doughboys and ice cream! Then after we ate we went searching for our schools vegetables and ribbons.We looked all around the fair …no luck. We were lost and we were running out of time at the fair. Mrs.Smith told us not to freak out. But to tell you the truth in my head I was freaking out. How were we going to find our vegetables and ribbons now? We kept on looking.That is when we saw another teacher from our school. We asked her where our vegetables and ribbons were. She told us right where they were . We walked up to the weird shaped brown building she told us they were in.The whole building was filled with people,ribbons and vegetables.We looked for the vegetables with a twenty on it (standing for RSU 20).We looked around and every once in a while you would hear “found one’’! In the end we had 30 blue ribbons ,30 red ribbons and 20 yellow ribbons.

Wow that’s a lot of ribbons !!!!!!! We did really well this year. We left the building after about 10 to 15 minutes and went to a couple of shops. My friends bought things here and there. That is when I remembered the hat . I went and told Mrs.Smith about the hat and she said we could head over to buy it. When we got there I ran over put the hat on my head and ran over and paid for it. Then the hat belonged to me. A minute or two later Mrs Smith said it was time to head back to the bus. I was sad . I wanted to stay longer. But I really did not want the bus to leave without me. So i just followed my group back to the bus. When we got on the bus I looked at my friend and told her all about my great day at The Common Ground Fair.


Common Ground Fair Livestock

By: Jackie


The students on the Ecology team at Troy Howard Middle School went to the Common Ground Fair for the day. At the fair there was many animals such as rabbits, ducks, sheep, horses, cows, chickens, and alpacas. The animals are used for different things such as; the sheep and alpacas are used for wool, the cows and chickens are used for food, cows are also used for manure, and horses are used for traveling (but horses aren’t really used for traveling anymore).

Some venders where selling things they made with sheep and alpaca wool. The venders made neat things with the wool like scarves and hats.

Personally I don’t like the way fairs treat their livestock. The poor animals are pinned up in pens and getting poked and teased by people for most of the day. While at the fair I saw a girl hang off the neck a horse and pulling on his mane and the animals have to put up with that all day. I would be happier viewing the live stock from far away with them in a large pen where they can roam. That way they would happier and so would I.




Sheep at the Common Ground Fair.

Exploring at the Common Ground Fair!!! by:Will

As I hop off the bus my legs hurt(because I’ve been on the bus for over an hour of traffic) I feel so excited. I smell the fried dough and want to get started on my adventure, but I first had to find my group. When I found my group we realized it was only half of us so we spent the first 45 minutes looking for the fest of the group. After we walked for about 10 minutes, we stopped into a seed stand and left with almost $50 worth of seeds, then we got hungry. We ate french fries, fried dough, and had delicious smoothies you could die for. After we ate we all sat on a bench and had a rest. When we got going again we walked around, bought some stuff, and then we went to see the food we planted in our school garden which was entered in a competition. The results? We got 30 1st places, 30 2nd places, and 20 3rd places. We walked around a little more we saw chickens, bunnies, and even saw a sheep dog show. But then before I knew it, it was time to go back. On our way back to the bus I remembered my day as it flashed before my eyes. I take one last whiff of the smell of fried dough in the air as we board the bus and head out the driveway of the Common Ground Fair.