First class Food

On 9-21-12 the Ecology academy went to the common ground. it took about and hour to get there. There was lots of traffic. The common grind fair was great. The curly fries were crunchy on the outside and soft inside. They grow the potato themselves, and had tons. The lemonade was really sour it was like sucking on a lemon. The apple cider was even better it was sweet and really hot. The doughboy were huge, they were as big around as the plate. The pizza was wood fired vegetable pizza, there were lots of toppings such as ,green ad red peppers onions tomatoes, mushrooms , olives and broccoli. The sea food was great they had fried shrimp scollops haddock and clams.


The Animals were cool there were horses, cows, bunnies, hamsters, goats, sheep dogs ducks,geese, and even pigs.



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