Lively Livestock

By Carrie W.

At the Common Ground Fair there were many different types of livestock. There were bunnies, chickens, goats, cows, alpacas, all kinds of animals! There were entire barns dedicated to one animal!

One of my personal favorites was the bunny barn. I loved seeing the different kinds of rabbits and which ones won what prizes and which ones were for sale.

I also enjoyed seeing the chickens. They were all different sizes and colors and breeds. The sizes varied from small enough to fit in your hand to absolutely huge. I liked seeing which ones won prizes and if they won prizes, what prizes.

Some of the chickens were for sale, my friend bought two small hens. Chickens weren’t the only birds for sale and that won prizes, there were also guenyfowl, quail, and turkeys.


The livestock was from all different farms and organizations, like the quail, which were from Shady Hollow Farms in Morrill.

There were also a lot of larger animals like cows, horses, and alpacas.

The Common Ground Fair was so fun I went again the next day and it was still just as fun. I hope that we will go again next year.







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