Yummy Organic Treats To Fluff Balls Of Cuteness By:Abigail

On Friday September 21st the Ecology team had a lot of fun at the Common Ground Fair. The food at the common ground fair was really good. The home made ice ream was very good. My friends and I got chocolate and all four of us said it was one of the best ice creams they have ever tasted. My favorite food would have to be the french fries. They didn’t taste like any of the grease filled french fries you get at Mac’Donald’s these were soooooo good and the ketchup really tasted like tomatoes.

The maple sugar candy was really good too the best candy a have had in a long time, it was very sweet so I couldn’t handle eating more then a couple big bites.

Now to the animals the Common Ground Fair had pigs,cows,ducks,chickens,bunnies and many more.The bunnies were so fluffy one looked like it was fat but it was its fur. I kind of felt bad at one point for the bunnies because there were so many people they were terrified. The goats were cute and so friendly so were some of the horses and cows. The sheep dogs were so smart they did a very good presentation on their tricks and stuff really smart animals.

The Common Ground Fair was a very fun experience and there is not one part of it that I didn’t enjoy well besides the porta-potties but I still look forward to going again.

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