Friends at the Fair by Katy

The Common Ground Fair is always a blast, but when you’re with your friends, it seems much more fun. When you’re with your friends, you notice more things you wouldn’t have otherwise and laugh more than you would’ve by yourself. When I went to the fair with the Ecology Academy, I had much more fun than I ever have at the fair. We had an awesome chaperon and our “group” was super fun. When you go with friends, like I did, everyone adds their opinion to everything which makes some things funny and also makes you go to fun places you otherwise wouldn’t have. For example, I wasn’t interested in going to the rabbit barn because generally speaking, rabbits make me sneeze, but I still had a lot of fun looking at all of the bunnies and the guinea pigs. Going to the Common Ground Fair with the Ecology Academy is something I will definitely miss when I move on and go to the high school.

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