Homemade Mania is Warm and Fuzzy


At the Common Ground Fair on the 21st of September (Friday) there were many things that were home-made. My friend took me to the wool tent with her and it was actually pretty cool. One lady was doing the spinning right there as a demonstration. She was doing the spinning with some of her own wool. There was also another woman named Jane who had some alpacas in a small fenced area. She was there to explain all of the processing of how to raise and shear the animals. I interviewed her about her methods and she said she preferred to shear by hand and to use traditional methods other than “hot, heavy and loud” shearing tools. She said she uses no electricity when she sheers. Another thing I noticed was the incredibly soft furs of bigger animals that they had to sell. I also loved the the tent with all the crafts by teens. Some 14-year-old girls made really cute origami swan earrings! There was also things like homemade potholders and tree art (pinecones and things glued to a piece of wood with sayings like “Live Love Laugh” on them). Not to mention the felt mushrooms with little smiley faces sewn onto them! All in all, it was a great experience at the Common Ground Fair!

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