Piggy Play Pals By Jacob P.

On Friday, September 21, my group & I went to the Common Ground Fair, the biggest carnival made just for plants & agriculture. The first thing we went to was the animal farm. We watched the sheep dogs herd the sheep and as we were leaving that exhibit, they were getting 6 goats onto a few hay bales. Then we watched a couple farmers milk a cow. Watching them milk the cow interesting, but it’s easier said than done. Milking a cow is kind of like you’re in art class and you’re trying to make a 2 upside-down cones out of clay on a spinning wheel; you want to grip the base, then slowly go from the bottom to top holding tighter and tighter until you reach the end.

Then, when we were done with that, we went to the small cage animals. We saw some geese, baby chicks, and some bunnies that looked so fluffy that you could use them as a pillow. Finally, when we reached the end of the hall, there was my favorite animal in the entire Common Ground Fair. Pigs. The person that was showing us the pigs went into the pen and picked up a small piglet about as big as my hand. It had little grey eyes and deep red, grey, and pink fur. Then, he put the piggy in each of our arms one by one and we got to individually hold a baby pig. When the piggy squealed loud enough that the momma pig ( she was SO big!!) got up and looked for the piglet, the man put him back in to get some milk from his momma.

This concluded my trip to the Common Ground Fair and I look forward to going to it next year to see the advancements in technology & agriculture.




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