Sheepdogs at Work by Evan K.

After I left the Common Ground Fair I couldn’t stop thinking about the sheepdog performance. There was a new dog this time, I forget the name, they were all extremely well-trained (Thanks to the owners). “But what do sheepdogs do?” you may ask, well I’ll tell you. Sheepdogs are dogs trained to guard or herd sheep, as the name suggests. Now to the fun part, the commands. These dogs know basic commands like sit and stay but they also know commands that normal dogs won’t know, for example slow left and slow right, forward and back and lay down. The owners tell their dogs the commands by simply saying it or sometimes they will use a whistle. The performance will keep you coming back and back as it does me. For anyone who has never been to the Common Ground Fair I highly suggest it and I hope anyone has been there feels the same as me.

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