The Amazing Animals at the Common Ground Fair by Sam

During the trip to the Common Ground Fair me and some other students from the Troy Howard Middle School saw many kinds of livestock. My personal favorite was the ducks. I liked the ducks but there were many more kinds of livestock like cows, bunnies, chickens, horses, goats, sheep, sheepdogs, and several more kinds of animals. The animals at the fair had many different things to do. The horses were helping with wagon rides around the fair while the cows were brought to the fair for the purpose of winning the farm who owned them many ribbons. The chickens and the ducks weren’t really doing anything special. The sheep and sheepdogs were doing what you might expect, the sheepdogs were corralling the sheep while the spectators watched in awe. The bunnies and goats were doing the same thing as the ducks and chickens while I think that the goats had several competitions for ribbons. This concludes what happened at the fair and also what kinds of animals were there and what the animals were

doing there.

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