The Common Ground Fairs Rabbits

The troy Howard middle school ecology team went to the common ground fair on September 21 2012. Their were many interesting things to look at and many animals. One of the animals we visited were the rabbits. The rabbits were all in individual cages the bigger the rabbit the bigger the cage. The rabbits were also on sale so people were able to buy them.

All of the rabbits looked very healthy like the rabbits we have in our garden and a little frightened, probably because of all of the people. Their were also many rabbits of different sizes ranging from very small and very big ones that were very fluffy. Because of the rabbits being on sale I was tempted to buy one especially the little tiny ones they were so cute.

The rabbit house at the common ground fair are in a red barn that does not have a floor. The only thing in the barn is some tables and the cages filled with cute rabbits. Usually the smaller rabbits are at the front of the barn and when you walk farther towards the back the rabbits are bigger and bigger.

The common ground fair is a good place to go for a school field trip every year and the rabbits are definately my favorite thing to visit.

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