The wild bird By: Nikiah

Hello my name is Nikiah. As you know we went to the Common ground fair. We go every year and we try to win ribbons. We won some this year. We had a great time and I learned something new and I will tell you what I learned. I have heard about some animal called a guinea hen. Some of you might know what a guinea hen is but I didn’t at first now I know a guinea hen is a one species is widely domesticated for its flesh and, because it gabbles loudly at the least alarm. I thought that was weird. Many varieties are widespread in the savannas and scrub lands of Africa, and the guinea fowl has been introduced into the West Indies and elsewhere. Guinea fowls are the boys and guinea hens are girls. About 20 in. (50 cm) long, in its typical form it has a bare face, brown eyes, red and blue wattles at the bill, white-spotted black plumage, and a hunched posture. It lives in flocks and feeds on seed tubers and some insects. As you see at the pictures below there are some guinea hens.

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