THMS Garden Project Does Well At Common Ground Fair

Andrew C.


The day before the fist day of the common ground fair two students, Noah and Andrew and one teacher, Mr. Thurston went to the Common Ground Fair fairgrounds. The three did their best to find the best veggies, herbs, and flowers they could so the garden project could win ribbons and money. The money will go toward buying seeds. First place blue ribbons get three dollars, each second place red ribbons get one dollar, and each third place yellow ribbon get nothing. The veggies being judged were potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, beets, beans, pumpkins, carrots, Swiss chard, peppers, squash, lots of tomatoes, watermelon are just a few of the different types of veggies we brought to the Common Ground Fair. We also brought a rosemary and some flowers. We brought a total of 88 veggies this year. Despite the tough judging we got a total of 72 ribbons this year, 27 first place blue ribbons, 29 second place red ribbons, 16 third place yellow ribbons. How do you think we did picking out the veggies?

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