Common Ground Fair Livestock

By: Jackie


The students on the Ecology team at Troy Howard Middle School went to the Common Ground Fair for the day. At the fair there was many animals such as rabbits, ducks, sheep, horses, cows, chickens, and alpacas. The animals are used for different things such as; the sheep and alpacas are used for wool, the cows and chickens are used for food, cows are also used for manure, and horses are used for traveling (but horses aren’t really used for traveling anymore).

Some venders where selling things they made with sheep and alpaca wool. The venders made neat things with the wool like scarves and hats.

Personally I don’t like the way fairs treat their livestock. The poor animals are pinned up in pens and getting poked and teased by people for most of the day. While at the fair I saw a girl hang off the neck a horse and pulling on his mane and the animals have to put up with that all day. I would be happier viewing the live stock from far away with them in a large pen where they can roam. That way they would happier and so would I.




Sheep at the Common Ground Fair.

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