Exploring at the Common Ground Fair!!! by:Will

As I hop off the bus my legs hurt(because I’ve been on the bus for over an hour of traffic) I feel so excited. I smell the fried dough and want to get started on my adventure, but I first had to find my group. When I found my group we realized it was only half of us so we spent the first 45 minutes looking for the fest of the group. After we walked for about 10 minutes, we stopped into a seed stand and left with almost $50 worth of seeds, then we got hungry. We ate french fries, fried dough, and had delicious smoothies you could die for. After we ate we all sat on a bench and had a rest. When we got going again we walked around, bought some stuff, and then we went to see the food we planted in our school garden which was entered in a competition. The results? We got 30 1st places, 30 2nd places, and 20 3rd places. We walked around a little more we saw chickens, bunnies, and even saw a sheep dog show. But then before I knew it, it was time to go back. On our way back to the bus I remembered my day as it flashed before my eyes. I take one last whiff of the smell of fried dough in the air as we board the bus and head out the driveway of the Common Ground Fair.

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