On September 21st our school, Troy Howard went to the
common ground fair! We drove and drove then we were
stuck in traffic for a while, then finally we got to go in. When
we got there we all got in a big group and walked in. I ended
up pushing my friend in a wheelchair the whole time but I
was ok with it. We went into smaller groups and split up,
went to the little kids place first we all wanted our faces
painted and while we were waiting we jumped in the hay
pile. Then we went over to the food. I got french fries that
seemed to taste the same but they didn’t have much salt.
They were better that way. My friend got this cooked
vegetable thing and it looked gross but she said it was good,
so I just said ok and went with it. We all met up at the
common and ate. Some people went and got ice cream and
some went and got smoothies. I tasted my friends smoothie.
It was the best thing I have ever tasted I loved it.  Then I
went to go get one for myself! We went over to the animals,
that was my favorite part. We walked a little bit further and
saw some goats they jumped up on the rail cause ,they
wanted to see if we had food. We walked into a brown barn
to see the bunnies they looked so cute. My friend wanted to
buy one but we weren’t allowed to bring them back on the
bus, so she took pictures instead. There was this one that
had something like a lions main it was so fluffy. By that time
we had to fill out a paper. We had to find a farmer and ask
them if they use older materials or newer. We waited
toward the gate so we could go out with some of the other
people from our school. I bought all of my friends fireman
hats while we were waiting. We all got on the bus and came
back to school, this was probably the best thing ever! I had a
blast and can’t wait till next year it will probably be even
better than this year!

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