Organic Foods at The Common Ground Fair


The Common Ground Fair has a lot of stuff, from animals, to Maine-Grown organic foods, to a kid-zone with face-painting, and many more activities for them, to live-stock, and many others.

The Troy Howard Middle School students of Ecology went to the Common Ground Fair on September 21st, 2012. Most of the food at the Common Ground Fair, is organic. Well, at least they try to make their food as organic as they can, and when possible. The Common Ground Fair organization people are on their 34th year of serving Maine-Grown and organic food. Over 90 percent of the food is grown, raised and processed in Maine.

Some people prefer organic food while others don’t…like me. Some of the foods and drinks that are at the fair are: apple cider, lemonade, french fries, wood fired pizza, fried dough, and maple products such as maple syrup and maple candies.

I think that the Troy Howard Middle School students had a really good time going to the fair and seeing all of the Maine-Grown organic products.









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