The Candy Thief

So we went to the Common Ground Fair the other week and it was super fun! We got our faces face-painted. We looked at the bunny and poultry barns. Also we looked at sheep, lamas, horses, mules, and ate lunch.

But it really got exciting when we went to watch the cow pulls. I asked all kinds of questions that I could think of about the cows and also I patted them. At the time I had a maple sugar candy in my hand and while I was patting one cow another cow came up behind me and do you know what he did? He ate my candy right out of my hand!(The cows’ name was Diamond). After that he licked his lips and snorted at me as if to say, “Thanks for the candy, sucker. Ha Ha Ha”.

Everybody thought it was so funny (except for me) and then the cow came up behind me and started licking me and that’s when I started laughing! After that the Day settled down, and we went back to school. But I will never forget the day to the fair and a cow stole my candy!

By Annie W

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