The Experience At The Common Ground Fair

On Sep 21, our class went to the Common Ground Fair. One of the most interesting demonstrations I saw was the blacksmith.

The experience of watching a blacksmith at work was astonishing. How he can bend the metal to form what he is creating?. The blacksmith made a hook for a little kid around ten years old. Watching him make it was great because the machine that was there was so the air would go under the fire to make it keep going, so you don’t have to keep lighting it every time it went out.

Another interesting demonstration was the energy-efficient cars. It had an electric pump with a solar panel to charge it so you don’t have to keep plugging the car in.The car also had a gas tank just in case you run out of power.The only down side of the car is that it costs a lot of money that most people do not have.

The experience of the fair is great for the young mind to teach them to compost their food also to teach them to be more efficient.

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