Yum Yum!!!

Tyler S.

On my class trip to the Common Ground Fair I ate a lot! So I can tell you that there was some amazing tasting food! I had some chips that blew my mind. They were just that good! But the food there did cost a lot. The reason for that was because everything thing was all organic. Now your probably thinking “what is organic food?” Or, “ewww, organic food… gross”. I felt the same way at first. I thought the food was going to be gross but I was definitely wrong about that! The best part about it being organic is that it’s good for you. Organic food means there’s no processed food and no artificial flavoring. So it’s super good for you! I also had some pizza there and they made their own everything and it was amazing! I thought it tasted better than some of the pizzas I get at the store. I was greatly surprised! I didn’t try everything there but what I heard it was good. Now, I think one of the best parts was it was in such large portions. The chips I ordered came in a huge basket and it was over flowing; it was awesome! So if you are ever there I would try their food; you would be surprised how good it is!!!

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