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On Friday, September 21, 2012 the Ecology team went on a field trip to the Common Ground Fair. It was a warm sunny day. In my group was Mr. Lovejoy, Austin M, Matt H, and of course me. One of the many cool things at the common ground fair was a composting toilet. You use the toilet, flush it then it goes into a bucket .Once the waste is composted you take it and throw it in a garden. A big reason I think we go to the Common Ground Fair is it’s fun ,and our school grows vegetables and takes them to the fair. We won first prize multiple times. I liked the animals also. There were bunny rabbits, horses, cows, bulls, donkeys and bees. The sheep dogs were awesome; there were five dogs. They must have lots of training to listen so well and know where to herd the sheep. I’ve been learning stuff for fourteen years and I still don’t follow directions well. At the common ground fair the food is the best. I like the fries but the only downfall is I’m always broke and the food is really expensive.

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