Troy Howard’s GREAT GROWING… Garden


At the Common Ground Fair T.H.M.S got 74 ribbons. There are a lot of blue first place ribbons. There are some red and yellow but not much. Here at Troy Howard we are very proud of our growth in our 380 ft long garden. We had this one pumpkin that weighed 48.1 pounds that grew in our garden that also got a 1st place ribbon like our carrots. We also had some of our beans and potatoes. We compost our leftover food from our lunch and we also recycle our paper for our compost/ soil. Our soil helps our crops to grow huge and fresh with no bad chemicals. We got 1st place for our potatoes, beans, squash and other plants like flowers, rosemary, cowboy and pinto beans. We use worms and other helpful little bugs/ insects to help keep our soil fresh and healthy and good for the environment.

This year Troy Howard was very successful at the Common Ground Fair. We have two rabbits, one chicken and over one hundred students to add compost and soil. Our school garden is 380 feet long. We had huge corn stocks in the garden before we cut them down. We also had a really big tomato. We had A GOOD year for growing this year. We also sell our crops that we grow so if you are looking for some freshly grown fruits/ vegetables stop by in your spare time sometime next year and take a look at our produce. Stop by also to see all our ribbons from every year we go to Common Ground Fair!! Hope to see you soon.










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