Wild weather hits twice!

Two winter weather events have shaped the fortune of the garden project in  recent weeks.  The first was a rain and high wind event (70 MPH gusts) which resulted in the loss of one large lexan panel.  I was in Dominica visiting my daughter so the rest of the team worked into the night to close up the hole.  Upon my return the kids and I put greenhouse plastic film over the area so it will be watertight until repairs can be done in calmer weather.  The second was a large snow storm which dumped almost 30 inches of snow.  We will be spending the next few days shoveling the south side of the greenhouses so the sun can reach all the beds.  Farming in the winter can also be challenging!

On a side note I will be in touch with the greenhouse manufacturer Harnois about the susceptibility of their greenhouses to high winds.  This is the third time we have lost lexan in 10 years even though we have ropes over the greenhouse.  The pressure of the lifting panels actually snapped the ropes.  One panel of lexan 72 inches by 24 feet delivered to the school is over $700.  Please research thoroughly before building school greenhouses.


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