Worms Like it Hot

Introduction video describing vermicomposting Ontario Science Centre in Toronto, Canada

Building a compost bin for your yard or school click here: School Garden Compost Video

Visit Tom Seymor’s Living Green article “Compost Happens” for some great tips on kitchen composting to help lesson your garbage mass and enlivening your potting soil. For those of you who are trying to live more sustainably while controlling composting odors (indicating lack of air), you may consider substituting peat moss for shredded paper, cutting up your food scraps and/or adding red wiggler worms to your compost bin.

Like any natural resource, sphagnum moss or peat moss is not a sustainable product and costs more than the time it takes to shred your old Bangor Daily (plus you get to exercise your hand muscles while taking one last glance at the funny papers). Full disclosure: I do admit to using many cubic feet of peat moss in our outhouses at camp for odor control.

We are really excited about our new under ground worm farm in the new hoop house. It has allowed us to manage all of our cafeteria waste with worms and a little TLC 🙂